As a mum of 3 beautiful children, with ages ranging from 7 to 13, life is hectic, fun and full of promise!! My husband and l enjoy quiet nights in front the fire, cuddled up with a great book or simply enjoying whatever weather our hometown of Melbourne Australia, decides to send our way. Four seasons in one day is the best way to describe the unpredictability of Melbourne’s weather!

Spending the last fifteen years as a domestic goddess, a role reversal of sorts occurred with my husband, when l decided to enrol at my local university as a 40-plus year old to undertake a Masters of Teaching Practice (Primary). I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice Administration) and still feel that education is the key to living well. Currently in my final semester, l hope to nurture curious minds using tools which excite, engage and extend.

With technology evolving into a more critical aspect of being a 21st century learner, l felt that my own skills should attempt to reflect the breadth and diversity of technology available for use in the classroom. It is hoped that my confidence is improved with the exposure and repetition of suggested tools, located in the JumpStart Program. The JumpStart 2016 Program, gives a great range of the various tools which can be used in a classroom. With applications for teachers, students, parents and the wider community, this course is able to address how technology can be integrated to provide positive outcomes for a contemporary classroom.