Module 4-TECH PRACTICE. ThingLink

At first, l really believed that ThingLink was going to frustrate me. I had visions of pulling hair and screaming to the sky “Whyyyy??”.

Surprisingly, a little collaboration with a colleague and it was like a light bulb flicking on. Truly. I was overthinking it again. You know, that mental anguish …

Did l mention at anytime, that l enjoy the Arts. To be perfectly honest, l think l missed my calling as a 16th Century dramatist.

After a few deep breaths, l managed to not only complete a ThingLink, but…..ahem…..dare l say it…..enjoy it? Once l started, l persevered. And by golly, it started to take shape.

The topic of interest to me, was the use of QR Codes within the classroom. So l decided that l would pool my information to create a resource that contained relevant information to QR Codes. Making a tutorial was such a great way pool my knowledge about QR codes, into one interactive and educational representation. It also helps when you translate this to a classroom context and use the codes for differentiation.

Embedding things into this blog has taken patience, but it so well worth it. What an invaluable tool for those visual learners!!

ThingLink is a great application and can be accessed via:

This application will  enhance teaching and learning through use of interactive qualities which allow for engaging learning. From newsletters for parents, scavenger hunts around the school or topic focus such as spelling words, QR codes are able to be utilised in a variety of ways.


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