Chrissy’s response to Module 1

Questions/ Answers for MODULE 1 Task.

  1. What are your biggest concerns or challenges with technology? Choose two or three and describe how these things hold you back.

Biggest concern is having a limited repertoire of technology to use in a classroom setting. Aside from Word, emailing and internet searches, l want to be able to use other apps or programs which will encourage students (and myself), to view work in a different manner than traditionally used.  This holds me back, in that l am unable to provide my students with engaging and contemporary ways of doing.

In addition, not having been brought up with much technology, the pace of how things change can be overwhelming. This leads to frustration when you master one thing, something else comes up that is the latest “it” program.  Holding me back is the fear that the programs and apps will be too advanced or fast paced for me to grasp.

  1. In “Why bother with technology?” many reasons are given for why technology is worth the trouble. Which two reasons are most relevant to you? Using a specific example for each, explain how using more technology could make a difference for you.

As explained above, Student engagement is an important facet.  The connection between the technology and the student level of engagement, is an important one to foster. When students are engaged, the outcome is favourable educationally, socially and personally. They want to learn, and as teachers, encouraging that sense of curiosity should be a priority.

Another important reason for technology integration, involves the aspect of differentiation. For example, perhaps you have a student that needs more challenging material- you could look into how technology can extend the student learning. This could be through turning a report into a book using Book Creator or other various app.  Another example of this could be through the use of something like Beebot to differentiate different skill levels in maths.

  1. After reading the descriptions of teachers who have woven technology into their work and lives, choose two specific tools that interest you and describe how they might be used in your work.

Im really interested in looking into Storybird and Magisto! They both sound like excellent ways to connect with students, parents and the wider community. This means of sharing, ensures that students produce work which they are proud of and can connect to a variety of different audiences.  Like the example of using Storybird to showcase poetry and art together, such a great way to incorporate cross discipline teaching!

  1. After reading “How to Implement Technology”, choose two tips you believe are most important for successful use of technology. Explain why.

Get clear on the reason, is most probably the main aspect on why you would implement technology. If there is no reason in using the technology, then why do so?? In addition, l would like to strike a good balance between use of technology to enhance, as opposed to just putting technology in a lesson for the sake of it.  I believe with more practice and exposure to technology and apps, my skills will become better.

Another tip would be to Prepare for setbacks!! It would be unrealistic to think that nothing will go wrong. If it does- its not the end of the world.  Like the example shows- have an alternative just in case! This is where collaborations can help produce positive outcome. I would most likely try myself to work my way around it, but if l was unsuccessful, then l would definitely contact a colleague or even sometimes, your own student may know what needs to be done! Asking for help when needed, is important.

  1. Choose one thing you learned from the Q&A section and explain how you might apply it to your work.

Using the tip of finding how-to-do video tutorials is something which interests me. I like learning and having a visual representation, assists me in understanding more than just through written instructions. If l can use technology, then my students hopefully have the confidence to also attempt to try new ways. Learning how to do something through how-to-do tutorials allows you to complete at your pace. You can skip, focus, watch or pause, at your leisure.

Also, using Voxer is a great way for the class to connect, so l would think about using these free type of apps as a means of connecting students into groups for work or presentations.

  1. Preview the 30 Tool categories covered in the Teacher’s guide to Tech. Choose two that are especially interesting to you and explain how you might use these in your work.

I would use Book Publishing- Storybird & Symbaloo.  Storybird for the reason of showcasing student poetry and artwork at the same time- creating a piece that they can be proud of and that they can show to the class. For the younger years this would ok- although in the older years, students may be constrained by the limited artwork. In that case, maybe something like Book Creator??? I’m not sure of the limitations regarding how you share in a class, but this could be used as an option for students to explore.

Having used Symbaloo for a recent assignment, l found this setup to be beneficial for locating targeted resources for whatever subject. In the assignment l completed on Nutrition, my tiles in the symbaloo were geared towards links to various health and nutrition agencies and information. Sharing through a Google site, allowed for the whole class to access information. So not only did l use the Symbaloo setup, but l also set up a google site with further information. This combination of technology, allowed for students to gain a broader comprehension of the subject, whilst providing skills to access different means of teaching and learning.



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