A reflection on Module 3

To build a portfolio, l realised that it took much longer than anticipated!

Technology can and does take time to become familiar with. When you know the technology and you know your students, than this partnership can be a beneficial and positive for all.  However realistically, it can also be a minefield of frustration and aggravation when technology doesn’t do what you want it do.

I found the best way to counteract this panic, was to watch Youtube tutorials to gain a visual representation or collaborate with others- such as my peers. And yes- l even got my own blessed children to help me!! Children can really grasp technology quite quickly and my three children were all clamouring to show mummy just how to do it.

On reflection, l realise l may not master every app or technology in the big wide world. And to be frank, that’s not my goal. The more strategies and tools l have at my disposal, the better the chances of reaching a wider variety of learners.  I want to have an arsenal of technology which will help me as an educator, but that inspires or incites students to have a go….even if things seem hard at first.

It is my hope that this portfolio will resonate with those who feel slightly overwhelmed. Being confident starts with the mind!!!!



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