A reflection on Module 2

For this module, l decided to engage with Dropbox (as my storage bin), in conjunction to using Voxer (as my backchannel), in order to share with my cohorts.

I felt that Dropbox was accessible and usable. However, l felt confusion at times, especially as l had a different email account linked to an existing Dropbox account already.  Add in mobile access and computer access, an l was slightly overwhelmed. <insert BIG SIGH here>

So after a big, shuddering breath in, l began preparing mentally…


And so l continued to work.

And work.

The final result…?

I don’t think l mastered Dropbox. Nope.

But with practice comes success. And so l will continue to sharpen my technology skills until l have reached that kinda confidence that ensures l know how to drop it likes its hot….in Dropbox.

As for the app Voxer, coming to the table with an Australian accent, l had hoped that my group would not require an interpreter to understand my meanderings. So far so good!! I must admit, it really is lovely to connect in real world time to lands far, far away and the wonderful diversity of teachers from all over the globe. Learning alongside experienced teachers and different focus areas, makes for wonderful collaborative ventures. Functioning like a walkie-talkie, Voxer is user friendly and free. Allowing for group setups, this app would definitely be in my repertoire of technology fun!




One thought on “A reflection on Module 2

  1. I love your attitude about Voxer being technology fun! I didn’t quite know how to express my own feelings about Voxer, and you just did that!


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